How Can We Assist You?

Are you feeling unsafe, frightened or fearful? Do you need a civil injunction? Are you experiencing honour-based abuse? Are you struggling with child arrangements? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the family court process? Are you unable to instruct a Solicitor to act on your behalf?

At Empower Family Law we can provide support with all the above and more. Empower Family Law are professional female only McKenzie friends. We offer person centred legal support underpinned with compassion and understanding. We pride ourselves on providing a range of holistic McKenzie friend services based in the West Midlands, although our services are available across England & Wales. 

For further information about the role of McKenzie Friends, please click here.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive bespoke service, which empowers you to confidently navigate your journey through the often complex and distressing family court process.

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What we do

We specialise in domestic and honour based abuse and have extensive knowledge and practical experience in this area as well as providing McKenzie Friends services in the West Midlands and across England & Wales.We understand the legal role family courts play when the complexities of domestic abuse are involved in children matters and disputes. We provide high-quality guidance, support and practical advice. We enable you to decide what matters most in your family law proceedings and empower you to use your voice and be heard in court.






Why Choose Us?

At Empower Family Law, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect, engage and support  individuals with their family law matters. Whilst our service covers most areas of family law, we specialise and focus on domestic and honour-based abuse. Our services are available across England & Wales.

For many people escaping domestic abuse or going through family court, this usually means expensive financial costs. With the continuing reduction of Legal Aid and rising traditional costs, more and more people are turning to McKenzie Friends.







What Makes Us Different?

Empower Family Law are a group of professionals made up of female only advocates, Lawyers, McKenzie Friends and Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates. We have a diverse range of qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience within family law and domestic and honour-based abuse.  We are proud to have Punjabi speaking professionals who recognise and specialise in cultural honour-based abuse.

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If you need legal support and assistance in the West Midlands or across England and Wales, complete the form here and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs further. Call 07909 182 933 or 07493 231 763

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