So, who are we?

Empower Family Law are a group of professionals made up of female only Advocates, Lawyers, McKenzie Friends and Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates. We have a diverse range of qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience within family law and domestic and honour-based abuse.  We are proud to have Punjabi speaking professionals who recognise and specialise in cultural and honour based abuse. With our McKenzie Friends assistance in the in the West Midlands and across England & Wales, you can be empowered to have your voice heard and supported in court.





Our aims:

Empowering you to recover, find freedom and live your life is at the core of what we do. With our knowledge of family law, timely advice and emotional support, we empower you to approach your family law proceedings with confidence and reassurance. Whilst our services cover the West Midlands, we do offer our services across England & Wales. Empowering you to recover, find freedom and live your life is at the core of what we do.




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Additional Services

At Empower Family Law we recognise and understand the complex emotional impact of legal proceedings. This is why we are proud to offer clients additional services including, but not limited to the following:

  • General safety planning at court
  • Safety at court
  • Emotional support
  • Domestic abuse recovery work

As part of our Group, we are proud to work hand in hand with independent domestic abuse advocates. Our advocates have extensive experience and are available to provide emotional support before, during and after your legal proceedings. We are also proud that our advocates can provide a domestic abuse recovery program.


The role of a McKenzie friend      

If you represent yourself in family court, you are referred to as a ‘litigant in person'. Many people are unaware they have the right to use a McKenzie Friend to support them. We understand that having someone to encourage and assist you in court can make a huge difference and we, as McKenzie friends offer exactly this support to our clients.

The origins of a McKenzie friend stems from a 1970's court case – (McKenzie v McKenzie).  As McKenzie Friends we can assist you with –

  • Advising you on the legal processes and your available options
  • Assist you with completion of paperwork such as court applications, letters and witness statements
  • Guide you on how to file your paperwork and documents at family court and provide you with templates
  • Help you prepare your case in your best favour, including preparation of bundles of documents
  • Support you with preparation of contested / fact finding hearings, including review of your case and preparation of cross examinations questions and opening / closing submissions.
  • Attend either remote or in person hearings with you whereby we can sit in hearings with you, provide quite advice to you on points of law or procedure, advise you on issues you may wish to raise as well as questions you may wish to ask and take notes.

Our services enable you to take back control and manage your case individually with our support at each step in the process. Further guidance about the role of McKenzie Friends can be found by clicking here –

Practice Guidance: McKenzie Friends (Civil and Family Courts)

Guidance from the President's office – McKenzie Friends.

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