Helping you through the Court process

We are proud to offer a range of McKenzie Friend and additional support services in the West Midlands and throughout England & Wales. At Empower Family Law, our priority is to support and guide you during what can often be a very distressing and overwhelming time. We aim to provide you with the right advice and support at the right time, helping you to avoid the pitfalls of family court.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive bespoke service, which empowers you to confidently navigate your journey through the often-complex and distressing family court process.

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Non-molestation applications / Injunctions

As ethical professionals with a vested interest in domestic and honour-based abuse, we are proud to offer free advice and support for urgent non-molestation applications. This service is available nationwide. We have extensive experience in handling domestic abuse cases and offer invaluable emotional support for our clients throughout this process (see additional services below).





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Court Applications / Existing orders

Specialising in Family Law Services based in the West Midlands, we can help you with drafting court applications, documents and letters for a range of matters. These services are available throughout England & Wales and include applications for a range of family court matters such as –

  • Non molestation / Injunction / Fact find / Schedule of allegations
  • Contact / live with applications
  • Enforcement / variation of existing orders
  • Prevent removal of a child(ren) from your care, Schools or the jurisdiction of England & Wales
  • Order return of a child(ren) back to your care
  • Change of name or religion

We can also help you draft position and witness statements ensuring your views, concerns and arguments are clearly communicated and presented to the court. Our support is designed to help you navigate the complex legal systems surrounding family law, assisting you to try and achieve outcomes that matter to you.

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Attendance at Court / McKenzie Friends

helping you be heard in Court

If you represent yourself in court, you are referred to as a ‘litigant in person'. We understand that having someone to support and encourage you in court can make a big difference. As part of our services, we can support and guide you before, during and after hearings, both in person and remotely.

As McKenzie friends we are permitted to sit with you in court, provide advice on points of law and process, take notes whilst supporting and encouraging you through the hearings. We can also help organise court documents into bundles in preparation of hearings. For more information about what McKenzie Friends can do please click here.

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Our fees / charges

We offer all new clients a free 30-minute consultation including support and guidance. If you require further assistance, you will only ever pay for the services you use with us, similar to a pay as you go system. Our rates are very competitive, and we ensure our standard of work is never compromised. We are confident we can assist you, whatever your budget.  Please note, we are unable to offer instalments or Legal Aid as part of our services.

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Additional Services

At Empower Family Law we recognise and understand the complex emotional impact of legal proceedings. This is why we are proud to offer clients additional services including, but not limited to the following:

  • General safety planning
  • Safety at court
  • Emotional support
  • Domestic abuse recovery work

We work hand in hand with independent domestic Abuse advocates. Our advocates have extensive experience and are available to provide emotional support before, during and after your legal proceedings. We are also proud that our advocates can provide a domestic abuse recovery program.